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Experience food as rich as the surrounding landscape

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Convenient large event space in the heart of Downtown Bozeman

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On or offsite catering menus can be customized

Bozeman - Big Things are Coming Your Way From Un-Knotted!

We’ve loved being your North Side café – a quick in and out spot with delightful food in a gorgeous space. But we’re always looking to make things better. We’re doers. Innovators. We never settle for “good enough.”

So with Un-Knotted, we created mouthwatering recipes. We found incredible staff. And we made a beautiful space for dining, socializing and relaxing. Then when we launched a catering business last winter, it took off. We were booked right and left. That little “side-hustle” needed room to grow.

And after much thought, we knew what we wanted to do – focus on full-time catering.

After a wonderful year and a half of serving our customers delightful, wholesome comfort food, Un-Knotted’s little Rouse Avenue café has closed its doors to make room for the change.

Cinnamon and Sage Catering and Events – the new catering banner of Un-Knotted – is now taking reservations for both on-location and off-location catering for groups and parties of all sizes. Enjoy our tasty bites or a customized menu for weddings, corporate parties, and more.

But, best of all – the charming Un-Knotted space will be available for rentals! Welcome your partygoers into its unique ambiance. Go all-out, and entice guests with a full menu of your favorite foods, served by Cinnamon and Sage. Or create a custom party somewhere in between.

The whole team at Un-Knotted is grateful for your support over this past year. And as Cinnamon and Sage, we are thrilled to show you our new offerings. We can’t wait to explore this new direction with our dedicated customers and new faces, and continue to provide you with delicious food in the perfect settings!

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